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It circled the river twice and then swooped down attempting to snatch a fish. First time no success. Second swoop it plucked a fish out of the White River and flew to the shore where it proceeded to peck at the fish. I turned to get ceres escorts camera and when I turned back it was gone. What a thrill!

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Stopped the car dead in the middle of the road to watch! The eagle was flying low along Route What an amazing sight to see. Circling nearby, our resident red-tailed hawk was seen at watcbed same time!! It was on the otter creek river at the outer edge of rutland city limits off dorr drive near the intersection of river street bridge.

Rob Ryan ly provided the play by play, with various co-commentators. Near the Saxtons River in Rockingham Vermont The otter creek and east creek in this general area have been heavily stocked this past spring.

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The bald eagles were successful in getting lunch from Turkey Vulture, amazing dive bombing display. Christie White I caught sight of the same bald eagle missing a feather in one wing yesterday afternoon.

The eagle was large and very healthy in appearance. He turned - stretched his big wings.

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Its good to see the cjat fish and game efforts help the fisherman and the eagle. It was just off the shore of Bay Road in Shelburne, Vermont. Super-impressive in flight with a wingspan that had to be at least 8 feet. The station also carries selected games of the Boston Bruins.

Such a blessing. It was startled when I passed and I managed to catch a glimpse of it's distinctive brown and white markings and head.

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I was piloting a small Cessna from the Laconia airport to Springfield Vermont and was just about midway between the two when I noticed a bird in front of me and about feet off the right. I think it is the bird that killed a chickadee yesterday.

He was perched in the tree, right next to the Black River, I suspect it was probably looking for fish, as the river had not frozen over. We were thrilled to see such a majestic bird in the wild.

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I went out again to see if it was still around and it was and took off again before I could get a picture. It was beautiful and majestic flying with the foliage in the back drop.

There is talk in that neighborhood of other sightings at this time. I remember reading that up until some point inVermont was the only state in the lower 48 that did not have a nesting pair of bald eagles. It circled the river twice and then swooped down attempting to snatch a fish.

When it became aware of me it pulled its wings in tight and dove off rapidly away. It was a privilege to see. I'm happy to read it can only carry 4lbs as I have 2 cats.

It appeared to be a mature female. George Mora On September 24 tim davis and gary perzanowski saw a mature majestic bald eagle in rutland city Vermont.

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Can't say whether it was male or female; it was following the river about 30 ft. Darryl Kuehne At the beginning of Nov a juvenile bald eagle was in full view.

Judy Robinson On Thursday, January 30, I saw a bald eagle on the ground pecking vermomt something in a field on the south side of Route between Essex Junction and Richmond, about half a mile north of the Winooski River. Rachel Garbolino I saw my very first bald eagle today.

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So magnificent! Very cool!!! I was so bum that i did not able to take a photo, but i was so happy to ezsex it briefly. We were thrilled to witness.

A great omen for the coming year. It was a beautiful sight. Janice Goodman I was a beinh eagle soaring over Barre Vermont at p.

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My husband and I saw a mature bald eagle between and pm today while we were driving along the Charles River near Buckingham Brown and Nichols. I turned to get albany west escort camera and when I turned back it was gone. As I drove by vermotn flew up into the trees. It was flying pretty low and looking down at the ground.

Jennifer Phipps I x you might appreciate two recent bald eagle sightings in the vicinity of the Nature Conservancy's Raven Ridge. Apparently the eagle is finding ample food in otter creek suffice to stay around for awhile. Robin Lash wrote the following: Saw a bald eagle in the meadow bolton escorts tranny our house in Clarendon, Vermont on October 18, at pm. No mistaking this - it had a huge yellow beak, its head was entirely white and its wing span was easily 3 to 4 feet.