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Did certain moments feel awkward?

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Thank you for finally adding an option to moderate voice chat.

That works for me! Put time stamps in there indivifual you are done. It is actually legal to record private conversations in most countries of the world.

The privacy and recording thing is… whatever. I found one of the problem people right here.

They are more so the latter, probably not the former against ToS though. Did you like this? People can see available party chats without having to invited to weird groups. Please revert back to the old party system that is separate from the text chat.

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However what you say to someone else is their busines. Now if I do that, it will kick me from the first party and move me to another. They already have communities like on Social Media, now they just need a website to combine everything into one giant Behemoth of a social network.

I am well aware of that, but if Sony could make it easier as an add-on to game engines, or baked in the PS5, kinda like what they did when they forced trophies. Great feature and people were overreacting too much. Share this story Share this on Facebook opens in a chat room girls window Share this on Twitter opens in a new window.

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This was a terrible, blind change, and needs to be reverted immediately. This right here Sony! Trash talking with randos was a good part of the fun in multiplayer, but I get it, that is part of the past. You guys had chxt good idea going with just minor tweaks.

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To clarify for everyone, it is illegal in California for Sony chta record convos without consent, which is why they give that warning. I do t know what kind of morons you have working in that company, but everyone who deed it, tested it, and approved it needs to be fired.

Cookie notice We use cookies to personalise your experience and on this website and other websites. What is a little competition without some smack talking?

Sleezure October 16, at pm PDT. The new party system sucks and you seriously need to change it back to how it was. They might shut down. This feature is deed to only record 5 minutes max at a time and individuual that only 40 seconds can be reported, this is completely legal and many other companies have similar systems in not. That would be great if games in conjunction with the PS5 would have that ability.

Chat individual hot

Are you new to internet moderation? Your the guy that would be first in line to report lol. Second xhat people should not be so soft and learn to mute people? For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. But did you need to completely break the party system to achieve this? Typically when they start talking about smoking weed is when I jump out.

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Absolutely unethical. On top of that they f-ed up pretty much everything else we had already gotten use to. The other person might talk too much. This also limits friends of friends ing as well, again, just makes things harder.

Why is it mandatory to make a group chat for there to be a party? Nope, not a legitimate concern. I asked.

There is no way to fully be able to moderate that situation with just a second voice chat clip. This is just ridiculous.

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Not really a false report if you say something bad. Horrible, horrible feature. Just look at the Gran Turismo series use of the Replay function. Hi everyone.

The old system of parties being able to be public or private was good. Our fear assumptions fail to take into the social norms of politeness, Schroeder says. Thanks Michael Owen for that pointless reply.