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El salvador chat room

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El salvador chat room

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San Salvador, El Salvador — In a carpeted hallway, with morning sunlight streaming through floor-to-ceiling windows, a worker types on a laptop at a communal high table. In the cafeteria, employees keep water-cooler chats to a low volume as they grab a rl bite to eat. A young man he to a training session in a computer lab wearing jeans, sneakers and a gray U.

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The company was founded inwith IBM among its first clients. In El Salvador, Tampa company plays major role Sykes Enterprises has grown into a leader in the nation's call center industry.

In the cafeteria, employees keep water-cooler chats to a low volume as they grab a quick bite to eat. All of her operations directors, for instance, have worked on the floor taking calls. Customer greetings fill the air. Overall, the frr chat has trained and hired about 20, people.

Long Re. Investigations Narratives Pulitzer Winners.

Letters to the Editor Submit a Letter. She said the company strives to offer career opportunities. Polo Association sweatshirt.

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The program, begun inoffers four-hour, English-language courses each day for four weeks. Businesses like his began popping up aroundAnzora said, mostly run by former call center employees and the retornados, or deportees, like himself. The company has nurtured some of salgador workforce by creating Sykes Academy, Gonzalez said.

He grew up in the San Fernando Valley in California and was deported inat Salvadorans who salvaror maintain close contact with family and friends, which has led to an Americanization of the Central American nation and its people. Today, though, deportees don't stand out, as more Salvadorans from all walks of life work on their English salvaror cash in on call center jobs. But the building is in the capital city of El Salvador, and employees there are working to resolve customer service issues for largely American clients.

Back at the newest Sykes El Salvador building, which opened inhundreds of employees sit behind secure doors, in personalized cubicles. Regions Tampa St. In the first quarter ofthe U.

English Cool caters to these job-seekers by not only teaching them grammar but also English tailored to call center work. The U. They wanted the same thing, a chance to make ends meet more easily.

It no longer publicly identifies the companies it works with, though travel services and major salvaror chains are among those who hire Sykes for customer service, technology and transportation. Subscribe Manage my subscription Activate my subscription Log in Log out.

By March of this year, it had four buildings, nine clients and 3, employees, Peralta said. Other asments include watching television shows like FriendsThe Big Bang Theory and Key and Peele to get a sense of how different Americans speak and to learn cultural references.

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To address the coronavirus pandemic, Sykes increased office cleaning efforts, got flexible with schedules and provided work-at-home opportunities, Himsworth said. For El Salvador, Sykes is helping to fuel the country's sluggish economy. For Sykes, El Salvador offers eager and relatively inexpensive employees, many with connections to the E. Connect with us.

El Salvador has historically depended on the international market to purchase one agricultural product at a time, such as cocoa beans, indigo and later coffee. On the walls around them are guidelines and activity prompts, all orom English. That addresses one concern about an American company outsourcing its work. Contact Ileana Najarro at inajarro tampabay. Careers Advertise Legal Contact.

El salvador chat rooms

In the s and s, El Salvador was touted in international investment circles as a source of cheap labor, said Cecilia Menjivar, a sociology professor at the University of California, Los Angeles who specializes in Central American studies. Find interesting chat rooms and chat cchat people that share your interests!

It lasted for about 12 years, until They work for Sykes Enterprises, a Tampa company.