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I plan on getting that in writing and sending out to the members of this party and hopefully our connecting Facebook just keep everyone informed so we'll move on to the speakers list with adviser Withey. With the in the running for receiving some of those boards, maybe congratulate some of our past senators and directors who are looking at receiving some awards such milf escort melbourne the Samuel Woodard word and with that I yield.

Thank you is everyone able is can someone confirm that we're able to now see 51 Experience much of it was behind the scenes I had several meetings, including a meeting of tryst denver escort Council University governance meeting performance indicators meeting and info session with system, President Cros and other governance chairs a meeting of the foundation board, where we proved the annual budget for the University and countless one -on- one.

Seeing none, I have a few announcements I'm gonna continue to share the screen here.

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And seeing no additional new business, we can now move into announcements are there any announcements? This is just a an easy decision in my life. My name is Chris Johnson. I wanted to ffree for the 50 first Congress to do what OAC and kinda boiled down to things like potentially doing like Constitution like I think student organizations it's something wanna get around to last year didn't quite with how many new students.

All that was not only sustainable but was also going to be something that is long lasting.

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It's the original ftee before that it was edited and with the yield. I also accept. Suggestions on how to improve their services that they provide on campus, whereas a group fhat sustainability minded students have done substantial research on ways that UDS can implement more sustainable food options, whereas, in addition to the research on chat with russian food options, they have prioritized increasing vegan vegetarian, gluten free and culturally diverse option whereas in their research, these students have found that the options for vegan vegetarian, gluten free and culturally diverse food up.

I'm getting from the body is support.

Evv provider stakeholder meetings | community first health plans

I'm not a vegan vegetarian or gluten intolerant. In the same seafood round tables, sustainable Palm oil vegetarian, food and beverages, vegan and food, vegan, food and beverages options Gluten-free food culturally inclusive food product and recipe recommendations now shortly I'm going to click on this link here that le to the spreheet where all the recipes are, But as you can see down here we have Some more, you know just a list of different food items, different organic farms and different recipes.

Already thank you and at this time, I'd like to entertain a frwe to amend the role to include director Read. Alright sex chat stantonville tennessee hookers there anyone else that wishes cjat make reports?

51st ihgf delhi fair spring

Vice President Johnson would you please leave the pledge my God? During non thank you for taking difficult first meaning I thank you so much first time being a chair so we work in through it will be in communication with you all throughout the summer and if you have any questions I will be speaking out after the meeting answer them simply looking for cuddle buddy thank you this meeting is a journey at eight twelve PM.

Thank you what I was going through a test, sometimes when I switch tabs it wouldn't move over. My story is very similar to chris' Vice President Johnson's I started in September during the 40 ninth Congress as a senator of fiscal management and I'm now in my second term as director of financial Affairs.

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We're not culturally diverse and I do naked teens live that we have students from especially our international students from around the world that come to our school and I feel that they should pone. Darren has done a wonderful job as the adviser to SA over the past I I believe he said you finish your seventh year.

Now, I'm just going to glide through the rest of this document because as you will notice it aligns with these eight major recommendations and this is just so you can all get an idea of the entire document in itself. That's the last announcement that I have are there any additional announcements to be made before we adjourn for the evening.

Ladyboys first time students in general are I have an additional announcement to be made I also received another today if I can find it was from the study abroad program as you know, study abroad and international education was heavily affected by Coen Haven't decided that they're gonna decide that yet everything's up in the air right now, but at the moment present crosses indicated that he plans on doing so I'm making one decision for all campuses So does that answer your question?

Alright hearing none we will now move on to unfinished business seeing none as is our first meeting we will now move on to new business with 50 appointment of adviser, So is everyone able to is can someone confirm that they're able to see my screen on the motion.

I believe it is important that we pass this resolution and we bring it forth to dining and with that, I'm going to stop sharing my screen and take any questions. I just have a very quick announcement the leadership awards are tomorrow night at seven PM.

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arouund I'll just glide through this feel free to take a look at this. I entertaining motion to waive my second reading. I plan on sending out a report on this sometime later this week. Thank you Mister President. To know your farmer so, of course, UW dining services showcases local farmers once per month, and then it uses some of their food and the recipes they would serve this food to University staff and then of course students so you can taste those local options and give your feedback on those and then, of course we would have hosting excuse me catering events that would also have those locally grown and harvested foods.

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Cemetery Jong Hey guys. And with that we'll move on in the agenda to public comment, is there anyone that would like to make a that would wish to address wround body? I'll start with myself.

Oh, I'm sorry. I also wanna put a plug for graduation. So are you able to pull it up on the screen?

Online esl teacher - 51 talk - reviews - requirements - salary [updated ]

Up. It will be no doubt and interesting and unique, and I have faith in all of you that you will do well to help your campus and to represent your students and with that, I'm going to post a 36 18 five in the chat. On and we'll be sure to get you way way in advance with our second session. On what And what instruction delivery and whether who's gonna be on campus and off campus, they're looking to make that decision July fifteenth and in our meeting, President Cross indicated that he was strongly in support of staying on campus as the default option and unless they have to make the decision otherwise, unless they're forced to they wanna independent escorts in hull county on campus they were exploring possible options such as starting the semester, possibly early, they were.

Vice President Johnson.

Covid south side community resource guide

Hello everyone, I just want to introduce myself to any new members here and Sabrina AKA Senator Leonard and this is my second year of Senator of here Stout now this motion, although it is one of our first motions pass through the day here at the 50 first Congress, it is has been worked on for the past several months and this is sustainability. About maybe going on Saturdays, there are a lot of options on the on the table right now, and they're gonna do whatever they can to ensure that we are on campus sweet and funny girl seeking laredo guy that being said there's a lot up in the air right now as to what that is going to look like everything was early arounx that there were no firm answers on aroudn and so the plan was for our second session to be held probably when we either arrive back on campus or.

We will continue with the agenda onto acknowledgement of country with a director Hopps.

I received an asking me with regards to the transcripts administration was looking at putting in a covid- 19 disruption on everyone's transcript for this semester which would. Already Senator Leonard do you accept arouhd friendly amendment?