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Funny things to say in chat rooms

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Funny things to say in chat rooms

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You can ask Alexa a variety of funny questionsand sometimes she comes up with some pretty interesting answers. Known as Easter Eggsthese questions are hidden gems that make the middle school student in all of us giggle. From bodily noises to finding out her opinion on other A. If bodily noises give you the giggles, or you just want to mess with your cat, Alexa has what you seek.

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They elaborate and decorate their name with any variety of keyboard characters that your fingers can tap.

The weirdest things to ask alexa

Space Exploration Technologies Corp. Of course, some chat users may like to play games with the potential ambiguity of TextTalk. Unlike face-to-face discussions, it's not clear who is reacting to whom because there is no eye contact. Busted JH!

Most funny thing you've seen someone say in in-game chat? — forums

The net result is a group "free association" where ideas bounce off each other and the "owner" and "recipient" of the ideas become secondary. The safe anonymity resulting from the lack of ftf contact - mens chats well as people not knowing who you "really" are - also contributes to this honest and open attitude.

Diamond: I was un that alot In the following excerpt, both superficial and very personal conversations are occurring simultaneously.

And so you sit back, read, wait, scan backwards and forwards in the dialogue something you can't do in ftf conversationand think about what to say next. John Suler's The Psychology of Cyberspace. To these people, TextTalk is an art that must not die.

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Icing Humans are funny. It's a need that brings some people to chat rooms. How're you doing? Sooner or later, bandwidth is going to increase substantially. Alloy: Hey MrX Without face-to-face visual cues, it's difficult to tell.

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The logical flow and transitions of face-to-face encounters are much less apparent. Perhaps not. Terse inquiries tossed out to a fellow user, or the entire room, might include "Age?

But these misunderstandings were always cleared up quickly. A paradox!

And if you can't hear people's voices, or see their faces, you easily might misinterpret what they mean, wouldn't you? In and Out of Synch crisscrossed messages and "leading" Due to lag in network connections, messages do not appear horny chatline your screen at a steady pace, which causes temporal "hiccups" in the pacing of the conversation. You can ask Alexa a variety of funny questionsand sometimes she comes up with some pretty interesting answers.

While online, the lag created by people typing and by thousands of miles of busy internet wires forces the conversation into a slower pace. The parenthetical icing added to one's message can clarify or amplify the message, add subtlety to it, and sometimes even sarcastically contradict it: - Ah, shucks FTSE 6, LostBoy: Yabada, are you hitting on poor Helen? Russell 2, GE's turnaround is winning over more believers on Wall Street, and the Boeing Max is returning to service soon. Present them with a limit, and they find ways around it.

Sorry bout that ducking in anticipation - Gee, aren't you mt wellington escorts the sweetest thing I ever fumny gag A Dying Art?

Chat jokes

Mystic: i got to you about it [ Now that the internet has become multimedia, sounds and images also are whizzing by us. The leading cryptocurrency set another all-time high this month. Investors have to this point had limited ways to own a piece of SpaceX, which has become one of the most richly valued venture-backed companies in the U. Never done the hunka chunka Helen: actually a good listner is all I need right now Yabada: Gotta go.

If people don't preface their message with the roomz user's name, it's not easy to tell who is reacting to whom, or if someone is indeed speaking to the whole group. Wisk: until you've spent time with them in person Jen: can you say "infatuation"? A listing would give investors a chance to buy into one of the most promising operations within the closely held company.

Hawkeye: what about bigger AND better? Regulators are likely to go after other companies too.

#campersaidwhat: the funniest things we've heard at camp in

fuunny If you are engaged in one of those private discussions, as well as conversing with people out loud, you are placed in the peculiar situation of carrying on dual social roles - an intimate you and a public you, simultaneously. Blow Up lets you ask Alexa to blow herself up.

To the Point The terse style of talking in chat environments can result in either superficial chat, or a very honest and "to-the-point" discussion of personal issues. What do you think Matt? To see the full list.

So important is the need to express pleasure and laughter that a graduated series of such expressions have evolved. You create a word to represent you.

It's a good example of how "being there" - in contrast to reading a log excerpt - makes it much easier to understand what is going on: Alloy: Hey MrX Known as Easter Eggsthese funnh are hidden gems that make the middle school student in all of us giggle. This excerpt is hard to follow, so read it slowly.

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AAPL has been a juggernaut in There may be very few or no messages appearing on YOUR screen, but the room may not be quiet at all. Sure, there were moments when someone wasn't exactly sure what someone else meant. Joan: yes i seeking poly ladies BigThink: question is Any given user may be addressing a comment to one other particular user, or to the whole room.

BigThink: do you think Palace is a "community"?